Free Shipping On Orders Over CAD $99

Questions about orders

Sorry, Tokyo Beauty cannot place orders over the phone. Please place an order on the Tokyo Beauty website or APP.
We accept WeChat Pay, AliPay, Visa/MasterCard, American Express, Visa Debit, Mastercard Debit.
Most of the hot-selling items will be replenished within two weeks to 1 month, and will not be replenished after the clearance items are sold out.
We do not support any form of wholesale, secondary sales and other commercial activities, so we have set purchase limits for some products. If we believe that the order does not belong to the consumer's personal use, we have the right to cancel or adjust the order, and have the right to disqualify the relevant account from participating in market activities.

Questions about pickup and delivery

If you choose to pick up your order when you place an order, you must set the specific date and time for your pick-up at the store. Please set the pick-up date within 24 hours after placing the order, and select the pick-up time within the store's business hours.
Under normal circumstances, we will arrange delivery within 2 working days after placing the order, subject to the date of the order number. Package delivery time is approximately 2-5 working days, some towns may require more working days.
The package is returned due to no one picking up the package: The package is returned due to the wrong name, address, etc. of the customer, being away from home, traveling and other non- Tokyo Beauty errors. Tokyo Beauty will take the initiative to e-mail or call after receiving the returned package. Inform the customer that if the package needs to be resent, the customer will pay the corresponding fee. If you request a refund, we will deduct the postage costs incurred for the return of the package, and the remaining amount will be refunded within 1 working day. (The refund will be returned directly to the bank card used by the customer, and the arrival time is about 5-10 days)
It is reasonable for the company responsible for package delivery to use the following methods to deliver the package according to the user's receiving address:
1) Directly deliver the package to the door to sign for receipt;
2) Put it in the user's community mailbox Parcel locker;
3) Leave a card notification, and ask the user to pick up the package at the designated location nearby.
Tokyo Beauty will send a notification email to your email after delivery, and there will be a package tracking inquiry link in the email.
Most of our merchandise is shipped from our partner stores in Canada, the United States and Japan to the country where the order is placed. A small number of products are shipped directly from Japan to Canada and the United States, which may result in tariffs. If such orders incur taxes and fees, the buyer will first pay in advance, and contact Tokyo Beauty customer service for reimbursement with the package customs slip. If we judge that the order is not for normal personal consumption, or there are various situations such as secondary sales, we may cancel the order or not bear the customs duties incurred by the order.
You can track your package through the tracking number in the Tokyo Beauty mail, if the package delivery status has shown "Delivered" (or similar status) but the package is not actually received, please be sure to notify our customer service within 7 working days , we will work with you to contact the postal company to inquire about the status of the package. During this process, the postal company will contact you by email or phone, please be sure to check and reply.
Lost packages due to the following circumstances are not included in the scope of Tokyo Beauty package compensation, please understand:
- The recipient's name is wrong, and no such person is found;
- The parcel cannot be delivered due to wrong delivery address, address change, or incomplete address;
- Failure to cooperate with the postal company to investigate the abnormality of the package within the specified time period;
- The package is in an abnormal state, but the postal company is not contacted within the agreed time;

Shopping Safe Policy

Tokyo Beauty ensures that all items sold are genuine. Customer service does not accept and explain questions about whether the item is genuine or not.
Since Tokyo Beauty and partner stores conduct high-frequency promotions at the same time, we are consistent with the store's policy and do not provide price matching services.
When you purchase, you need to pay consumption tax according to the laws of the states/provinces of the USA, Canada, and Japan.